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A Computer Scientist with a growing career in Content Creation, social selling, website design, marketing automation and Information Technology.

With vast experience across fields like Information technology, Digtal sales funnel, Facebook ad management, social selling, marketing automation, Research & Development, Content Development, Seach engine optimization, and Data Analytics.

Have found a Studies show that 78% of salespeople engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who are not.
Now, it’s important to note this about social selling: It’s not the same as social media marketing; it’s not the same as social media advertising; and it’s certainly not about bombarding strangers with unsolicited tweets.

A lot of marketers are hypocrites, they don’t do what they say, I.e don’t do post content on social media regularly, there Linkedin is not well design and attractive, they don’t do email marketing, Facebook Ad management, YouTube channel management, l am not here to condemn or criticize anyone but to pinpoint that Adelivetech we here to help you to do Email marketing, Facebook Ad management (as written above).

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At the moment Adetutu Seriki Reside in FCT Abuja of Nigeria and open for Global view of work processes.


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